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Welcome to Congregation Etz Chaim of Northwest Arkansas. We are always looking to grow our membership as our Jewish community and Synagogue can only survive through our supporting Judaism in NWA. 

Congregation Etz Chaim establishes our membership dues structure based on a fair share concept. However, no member will be turned away due to financial hardship. If the recommended fair share financial commitment is a concern, please contact Dawn Bachman, Treasurer, or Jodi Prohofsky President.

Full membership for individuals and families who are residents of Northwest Arkansas and looking to join the community in Jewish traditions, worship, education and social activities.

Associate membership for individuals and families who reside 100 miles or more from Congregation Etz Chaim, or are full members of another congregation. 

Membership is limited to individuals:
  • who are at least eighteen (18) years of age,

  • who are Jewish by birth, either through matrilineal or patrilineal descent, or conversion, and

  • An individual engaged in the process of converting to Judaism may become a Member (“Provisional Member”).

  • Any unmarried children under the age of twenty-six (26), may be included in their parents family membership.

Thank you for joining us at Congregation Etz Chaim, we would like to get to know you better. Please provide us with some information about you and your family.
















Religious School is an important part of Congregation Etz Chaim (children 3-13).

The curriculum is designed with enthusiasm and drive to instill a strong sense of Jewish identity, knowledge and skill in our children!

 Note: fees for religious school include the cost of supplies, books, and instruction.

   Torah Tots: Monthly class available for children 3-4 yrs of age $50/child
   Pre-K - 6th grade classes are available to associate and full member families $200/child
   B'nai Mitzvah classes are a benefit for full member families only $475/child for tutoring



Tree of Life: Additional Contribution Opportunities

Over the past few years, Congregation Etz Chaim has been challenged due to the number of individual and families that have moved away from the NWA area. The Board of Directors works diligently to grow membership as new individuals and families come to town, but growth is slow. Any donation above our fair share membership dues will help us to maintain programming and continued marketing his coming year. If you can help support our Jewish community in any way, please enter the amount of your contribution below:  

   Memorial Wall Plaque $90/plaque
   Yizkor donation in memory of a loved one $18Yizkor donation in memory of a loved one $18.00. This donation contributes to the cost of publishing our annual Rememberance Booklet during our Yom Kippur Yizkor service.

If you would like to purchase a memorial plaque to be included on our memorial wall, please complete a separate order form for each plaque to be ordered and submit them to Congregation Etz Chaim, PO Box 477, Bentonville, Arkansas 72712. 

Please only list new names. Names previously included in our Yizkor Book will not be removed. 

List new names as follows: first and last names and relationship only; separated by semicolon (not lines)  For example: Roberta Fleider, mother of Dawn Bachman; Yetta Levitch, grandmother of Dawn Bachman; and so on...


Life and Legacy Giving

The needs of our Jewish community won’t end in 5 years, in 25 years or in 100 years. But you can help future generations of Jews meet the challenges of the future. A legacy gift to Congregation Etz Chaim will extend a helping hand to your children, your grandchildren and future generations (l’dor v’dor) of Jews by strengthening our ability to support those services and organizations, values and traditions that you have supported and found crucial to Jewish life. You cannot predict the future, but you can trust Congregation Etz Chaim to apply the income from your legacy to the important needs of the day.

Help honor our past while planning for our future…you can choose from a variety of methods to leave a bequest that will not in any way affect your current lifestyle, but will affect and enrich the lives of future generations of Jews by mitigating some of the inevitable needs and emergencies Congregation Etz Chaim and the community face.

By checking the box above, I agree to make all membership and fee payments promptly and willingly accept the benefits and obligations of membership. I pledge membership and other giving contributions will be paid by June 30th of the current fiscal year for Congregation Etz Chaim of Northwest Arkansas. 

In the event that I have to terminate membership, I will notify the congregation of this in writing and settle any outstanding payments.

If I have children participating in Religious School, I hereby release Congregation Etz Chaim of Northwest Arkansas, the School, its employees, volunteers, and agents from any claim or liability with respect to the same. 

I agree to allow Congregation Etz Chaim to use anonymous and unlabeled photographs of myself and/or my family for use in publicity, publications and/or website unless I have otherwise notified the Temple in writing. 

Remember to also submit a religious school student information form for each child enrolled in religious school.

Contribution Confirmation and Checkout

Amounts due from membership and contribution pledges may be paid in installments or in full. Once you submit this form, you will be directed to another screen to select your payment options, you will then be asked to confirm your membership and payment options.  You have the option to pay via 1) credit card through PayPal, or 2) via check (note this option is only available if you are logged into your member account). If you choose to make contribution payment via check, please click the "bill to my account" button. Your submission will not be saved until you complete both screens.

If you are seeking dues relief - on the payment screen, click the down arrow to the right of "payment method" and select "bill to my account". The Treasurer will then apply the dues relief to your account. You may then sign into your account and arrange for credit card payments for the reduced amount or leave the "bill to my account" option active and submit payment via check for the outstanding balance.

Amounts due from membership and contribution pledges may be paid in installments or in full. 

Tue, May 17 2022 16 Iyar 5782