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Life & Legacy Commitments

Thank you to the following individuals who have made legacy gifts to Congregation Etz Chaim:

  • Dawn & Max BachmanNo matter what background of Jewish life you come from, we have found that Congregation Etz Chaim was created to inspire, educate, and support those who wish to be included in our NWA congregation, regardless of length of tenure, prior Judaic knowledge or experience, or personal background. Since joining this congregation, we have never felt so Jewish. We believe it is important for the next generations that follow us, should have the opportunity to experience Judaism in Arkansas. By leaving a legacy gift we support the future of Congregation Etz Chaim and enable those how will follow us to experience the love, religious training, programming, and schmoozing that we have been so lucky to cultivate, support and enjoy. 
  • Michelle & Ryan Malashock
  • Jacob SchnurAs with most things, in my life, I’ve been greatly influenced by my own mother’s experiences before, during, and after the Holocaust.

    My parents instilled in me that I’m Jewish in both thought and deed. During this time of great uncertainty in our world, not unlike the events that have surfaced with the deaths of the last Holocaust survivors, Judaism must live on through our children. 

    For me this includes Torah study, religious training, giving to those who have no one to speak for them, social justice, and acceptance of all races and lifestyles. Memories of how our people have suffered throughout countless generations should not simply be forgotten or pushed aside through assimilation. 

    Dwelling in the past will not help our future generations live on. Though we cannot shut the door on our past we must always remember from whence we came.
  • Howard & Michelle Sallerson
Tue, May 17 2022 16 Iyar 5782