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Religious School


At Congregation Etz Chaim, religious school is not just a place to simply communicate facts, but rather is an effort to help young people become proud participating Jews who are confident in their identities.  From early childhood, a youngster learns by experiencing, doing, touching, hearing, seeing, tasting and smelling the richness of our heritage. Our school is based on the fact, as our sages put it, "it is not the learning that is the essence, but the doing." In reality, whether children or adults, we learn what we do. Our students are given a foundation from which they are encouraged to explore and question their relationship to Judaism. At Congregation Etz Chaim, we are building a warm, comfortable and positive climate of Jewish experience and Jewish learning for our children. We do not expect to fill the place of the home. The success of our program depends in large part on whether the children receive positive reinforcement of their Jewish education at home.

Our goal: To instill within each child a joyous sense of Jewish identity, Jewish self esteem and Jewish learning. Our method: to create an active, participatory and enriching Jewish environment that engages, empowers, excites and instills Jewish pride, knowledge and skills.

Our process: to present each child with opportunities to learn and love Judaism through creative educational techniques using art, music, drama, group projects, games, field trips, intergenerational family programs, community activism and synagogue skills.

Tue, May 17 2022 16 Iyar 5782