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             Join Us for Shabbat!


Etz Chaim is a community, as well as a congregation. We are single, married, widowed and divorced. We are LGBTQ, and we are straight. We are single parents, interfaith families, coupled parents, Jews by birth and Jews by choice. We are proud of this diversity and provide a variety of ways for each individual to express their Judaism. 

Join us on Friday evenings to welcome Shabbat.  If your not currently on our mailing list you can find Service date and times by checking back on the website or send us your email contact through the Contact Us link above.



               Website Updates

We are currently working on our website and looking to build an App to better service the community.  If you have any suggested changes or would like to make a donation toward this project please contact


Thu, November 26 2020 10 Kislev 5781